Pharo 2.0 Released

March 18, 2013

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On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 3:42 PM, Marcus Denker <> wrote:

We are proud to announce the release of Pharo 2.0!

You can find information about Pharo at:

About this release
All in all, there were over 1600 issues treated in the issue tracker
and 1350 improvements integrated into 2.0.

Major framework changes too:

- Spec
- Widget enhancements
- Layout improvements/cleanups
- Keybindings
- New icons (famfam)
- Growl style notifications
- Revamp progress bar

Developer tools

- Nautilus browser
- Critics browser
- Improved version diff browsing
- Spotlight
- Revamp Code Completion and smart chars
- Interactive navigation using ctrl/cmd+click over classes/methods
- Shout themes
- Andreas profiler


- Update Zinc
- Zodiac (SSL)


- System Announcer
- RPackage replacing PackageInfo
- Command line tools / Headless mode
- Native boost
- Update Ring metamodel
- Fuel serializer
- Freetype fonts


- DateAndTime refactoring
- Updated FileSystem and replaced FileDirectory


- Latests cog builds
- SSLPlugin
- FilePlugin enhancements
- SocketPlugin fixes
- Included libraries: freetype2, cairo


- FileDirectory removed (replaced by FileSystem)
- SmartRefStream and ReferenceStream removed (replaced by Fuel)
- PackageInfo deprecated (replaced by RPackage)


- Zeroconf scripts
- Continuous Integration for every aspect of our release process.


2013 – 2014 Smalltalk Looks up..

March 14, 2013

I guess through 2013 – 2014 we should have a cleaner, resurgent Smalltalk looking at through the clouds into many enterprise desks.

This is cool: bit heretic for the usual client side developer

Great Potential to on the client side.. Will try to have an internal server with some tangible utility stuff in it.

You can try out the browser built in. .. and the code for from Amber is also available as contributed package elsewhere..

Slow progress, but hopefully when it gets done..for v1.0 , probably mid of next year, it will be one great tool for Smalltalk on JVM


Lastly the creaking out of old and bring in the new:

The 2.0 breaks new grounds in a new , cleaner , freeware Smalltalk almost perfect for enterprise works. Guess 3.0 by next year will lop off the remaining rough edges too.


I will try and come out with in-works multi-world tablet IDE beta on top of 2.0 free time permitting…


This is close to what I will have, but cool in aesthetics and nice stuff built out of Pharo by I would say a non-core developer but a biologist..!





Pharo 2.0 Morphic View and TabbedPane IDE

February 26, 2013

Its been  a year since I have talked of this..

With Pharo 2.0 in imminent release status, I think its best to refactor the packages and make them available for all to try and use.

Just load two packages from :

* PharoMorphicView-Core

* PharoMorphicView-TabbedPane

On a workspace execute:

  PharoTabbedPaneIDE reinitializeAndOpen

For Pharo Morphic View: Ref

Also the PharoMorphicView-Core-Examples and Tests package to see all variations of the MorphicView framework.


Pharo TabbedPane IDE

Pharo TabbedPane IDE

Pharo Morphic View Example

Pharo Morphic View Example

Why is India an exciting place for future research

December 15, 2012

In lighter vein, without a whiff of anything more toxic than curd-rice, post a short  bout of viral …!


Quantum Physics is many decades old, but is considered on the verge ( in the range of next couple of centuries, if not within one ) of providing big breakthroughs in computing [1] and communications [2]

From Wikipedia on Quantum Chaos [3]:

“The correspondence principle states that classical mechanics is the classical limit of quantum mechanics. If this is true, then there must be quantum mechanisms underlying classical chaos”

Classical Chaos as in a nation state, encompassing all spheres of political, technical , sociological and even sports realms, yet retain a state of tense equilibrium ( howsoever uncertain in heisenberg’s sense, it is ) is epitomized in India..!!.. 

Given that most Indians easily comprehend chaos and order from chaos more naturally than any other nationality, I am sure should in the future times, give the greatest fillip, if supported well, to have an ability to harness Quantum theories aka chaos principle effectively in developing cutting edge technology/ applications world will come to use in the centuries to come..







I do believe there is lot more to all the links above, that can tie lot of loose ends between physics and metaphysics and ferevently hope helps more tangibly in forseeable future.

Pharo Morphic View 03

February 14, 2012

Adding up and pushing in the next version .. hopefully I am going to be slower now to get the rigor and correctness in.

So far has been a rush of blood, addiction to something that came along smooth and easier. But should pull back and do the right thing and the right way..

Eventually want to also pull in the Tablet IDE interface, sooner than later, to make it an usable proposition for anyone around..


Gofer new
squeaksource: ‘PharoGoodies’;
package: ‘ConfigurationOfPharoMorphicView’;

((Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfPharoMorphicView) project latestVersion ) load.


Innovation: The 3 W’s

February 11, 2012

Innovation is defined and qualified many times over in every form, but to get a simple prescription is impossible. So here goes my moment of epiphany, early morning of one way to look at it from a distance, I have yet to bridge

What, When, Who:

Push in all the effort of thinking, activity, passion on the above..

*   What is the product to create and sell. What is the quality, precision, capabilities , support infrastructure ( the works) around the product vision that ranges from the macro to the micro details.

*   When to launch: Timing is of essence.. and to figure out When and to Whom to launch to as a target should be crystal clear..

*    Who are your people to do the works… Choose carefully and perfectly the right blend of people to work out the details and get the product out the door..

Let the people figure out the exact how ? Get the right people and enable them, provide the complete environment. I mean to go into micro level details of what tech, what platform, is to be left to the actual doers.. give them an enabling environment.

Have been giving a deep thought on this for a long time and it just kind of dawned that it is important to get away from the details of How, to innovate and succeed. Pick the right people and let them define that.. Or.. if you want to be the one involved in the How, find someone else who can be the the driving force of the vision.. To combine the two is really tough if not impossible.

To define the What precisely to the last detail and follow through is itself a huge task, figuring out the How is always going to muddy that vision and goal.

There is lot more to innovation that worries the feeble mind ranging from the fears, lack of right opportunity, capital etc.. but I guess neither is it meant for the feeble mind..

Just do it..!

Pharo Morphic View Framework

February 11, 2012

Nice progress made finally grinding through a whole saturday on this.. hope it should progress to a complete usable framework over the month ahead, with hopefully much of bugs/ issues ironed out. Will post the updated package tomorrow..

Highlights are:

* Clean up of earlier methods to have better layout handling and opening the View

* ValueWrapper to give the ability to call #value: and #value for morphs identified and can be incremented to cover all known morphs therein. Single MorphicViewValueWrapper class to encase this functionality for now..

* Neater example of ComposedViews of most morphs of use..  replicated UITheme>>exampleBasicControls

* SimpleViewImplicitSpec example shows how to construct the view with just setter methods..

Need to plan for:

* Systematic build chain to work with , commit and test weekly progress on this.

* Better and comprehensive Test Suite ( copy from Sam Schuster’s run with Pollock )

* Make the framework rock stable in what it does for now..

* Provide for a template View Class generator to begin with and then

* Progress to come up with a clean View Builder.. that will be hard work ahead.. to get it to usably complete status

* Bring in the the fun of using morphic into the framework.. not the staid repetition of other paradigms

The first 50% of the way is always the fastest and the crawl starts right after. Discovering more n more nuances of the morphic system now.. viz:

* LayoutFrame and nuances of bounds, fullBounds, extent

* hResizing/ vResizing with #shrinkWrap vs others..

* openInWorld for SystemWindow forces a bounds..!..

* Theme as chosen from Settings>>Appearance>>Morphic>> say Watery2.. effects all UI, but we need an invalidation after opening it with World addMorph: aWindowOrMorph..

* Pluggable**Morph all of them do not have defaultBounds and Text** needs defaultExtent also..

* Pecking through TableLayout for all morphs with row/ column layouts.. to ensure a perfect WYGIWYWant..

* plugging in a ValueWrapper is lot more work.. but should be nice and extensible herein after..



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