Rules Engine

There are now a galore of Rules Engines starting from the very basic  a_squeaky_rule_engine.htm   to the Microsoft’s, Sun JRules or JBoss, iLogs and the other 300 odd initiators of rules engine ( including in many cases the workflow). 

How about the need for a lean rules engine, simple/sequential that converts business decision to table based rules in its own native language integrated to the application rather than as a standalone process. For normal execution has a flow of value calculation through the Rules objects and for performance intensive operations is compiled and executed as a method once the server is up and running. Invocation first time penalty being a very minor charge for the efficiency of maintainability, scalability. This contrasts to maintaining a special Rules Engine server despite their optimizations will require overheads of performance even most enterprise applications cannot support. Why not have a lean rules engine that can support nearly all of the rules categorized as:

 * Business logic

 * Application logic

 * Workflow logic

 Yield an optimization that is integral and dynamically compiled to the application delivered and not standalone linked, unless it is a severely large enterprise application.

  Some thoughts that lead to this Lean Rules Engine development in Smalltalk… Comments and posts are welcome..

2 Responses to Rules Engine

  1. Hi Skrish,

    I am too involved in development of rule systems using fuzzy logic.
    I have developped a full package using VSE Smalltalk.
    This package has been used in lot of fiels (medicine, sport, pollution controll…).
    Could you be interested in it?
    If so, I can give my site address (
    Everything you see there has been developped in ST.
    Unfortunately, it is in Italian.
    If you are interested in my work, I can send you same papers I presented at ESUG, written in English
    Let me know.



    • skrishnamachari says:

      Currently as I am positioned, I would be academically interested, read your paper. Commercially exploiting the work you have will be not in the current horizon. Will though keep it in mind and let you know on that front if opportunity arises.

      a) Is it not feasible to convert it into a Pharo / all Smalltalk dialect compatible package.

      b) What is the advantage in commercial sense over say OpenRules ( I understand fuzzy logic is..), but from commercial standpoint, most managers prefer a maintainable base of C#/ Java/ C++ / maybe PHP..!.. but Smalltalk is a hot rod, no manager likes to touch.. So unless there is so compelling a reason, differential that overruns and gives huge cost advantage.. it is saleable only into a pure Smalltalk shop. If there are any comparable Java/ C# frameworks especially open source makes argument tough..

      c) Can this be open source..? but not freeware.. though I agree people can misuse.. maybe core be freeware .. the enhanced part is not..This is relevant only if its Pharo based in a way.. / portable in VA and VW also. VSE as all of us understands has much smaller fraction of even the already small enterprise opportunity for general smalltalk.

      d) Does it plug n play with other interfaces for say excel manipulations, UI generation, etc..

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