XSD based XML Exports Framework

For nearly all projects now it is a requirement to export all outputs as XML. Schema is well defined and has to be adhered to for the exports. In all but the current project requirements pre-existing or additional formats as in csv, fixed file formats too are required. If the schema defined is a known superset of the formats of output it would be easy to rake up a meta framework code that takes the XSD file as an input and creates the comprehensive scaffolding of the export code and leave a minimal section of methods to be filled into for the runtime data values and custom changes for exports in other formats being the only intrusive effort from development.

This is a basis for something like the servingXML project too a lot more generic and comprehensive dependent on a XSL like template being filled in and used.

In the context of a Smalltalk based application there is an attempt to work through this meta framework that yields a benefit of over 60x (execution time) over basic and amateurish attempt to construct XML nodes at runtime to export the XML file.

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