OOPS: Revisiting it for a lec-dem

Having been asked to hold a lec-dem for the freshmen of IT unit, I realize there is always a huge gain in revisiting the basics.. For records I thought I better most this here..


Think of Architectural CAD:

  Started with the  Procedural lines, circles, arcs.. ,  added the capability of blocks and finally has gone Object Oriented with walls, windows, doors et als to visually display the simile in transition from procedural to object oriented and beyond..

Fun with Objects if you understand them well..
What is OOPS and what is not OOPS..
Specifications and structure of OOPS: a lil bit of history..
Evolving  OOPS for your needs:
    –Trapping requirements
    – Designing with OOPS
Visualizing and representing OOPS
     – Writing the code
     – Debugging and testing OOP code
     – Delivering OOP code..
Practical OOPS tips.. The best way to be a Zen master at OOPS..
     –All that you should do
     –All that you should avoid…
     –Somethings you can get away with.. Occassionally..
Is OOPS the cure-all methodology.. Alternatives and their terrains..
      –The way ahead to succeed with OOPS.. And meld it with other techniques..

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