Yet another Web Framework for Smalltalk

Did this back in 2004-2005. Web framework independent of studying any others in Java, Ruby, PHP,.Net or anyone else.. Down the last two years realize how far it reinvented many of the concepts of Java XML config/ Ruby folder/code generation etc.. Seaside made it feel redundant. But more thought pored over lets me feel enthused to see a twist that can breath a fresher air to it.. and purpose it ought to serve.. 

Plugin a workflow / Rules engine it could be different tool altogether. modify the complexity of external XML configs to more code oriented debuggable configs. Work around the limitation if any of depending on ssps, loads of work re-engineering the original concept that smacks of an imitation of RoR, but never was an imitation.

The need is for a more drag and drop composition with minimal code intervention, yet fully debuggable as a code when required. Least and the essentials in XML configs, a folder structure to obtain flexibility of image, css, js handling.. 



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