Books to read

April 21, 2009

Should get back to some creative blogging.. but some dump first..

I am kind of on a book reading run since the last few months. Would recommend for anyone in IT-Tech-Mgmt to read these:
* Innovator’s Dilemma
* 100 minds that made the market: Ken Fisher
* Winning: Jack Welch
* Fooled by Randomness, and Black Swan: Taleb
* Pick any of the Apple History: Critical one’s are better
* Microsoft secrets: M. Cusumano really dated but you better read history than repeating it in your place of work..
* Art of the start: Guy Kawasaki

There were other rushed reads on the flights to LA too.. I am forgetting and also misc stuff..

* Wine Guide: Collins Pocket book.. interested a wee bit on the wine geographies and the background location wise.

I sure have another million books to read before I can claim to have read it all..that I can..