Quick Note: Linux, Smalltalk, Tech Management and all the interesting bits

August 20, 2009

Mint Linux= Fun + lil hard work to get it productive…

Smalltalk: Always fun to get work done, knowing that there is nothing stopping you doing it and not the geekish tech glee as in other platforms

Management: Not the best deal to be pushed up the ladder unless you are sure there is tangible tech mgmt to be done. so far so good it is and enjoyable to that extent..

Minty Linux Fun:

* Bcos its linux, cool UI more akin to Mac,

* highly productive to see all that you need already there and installed or just a click away to install: no buy/ borrow CD’s to install and wait the hour to complete the install too. Big argument for me who would try a different software just to see the 1% gain in feature/efficiency ..

* Great on drivers for nearly everything I can throw at it. Bit of a stretch at times but I guess with Google to assist nothing is too far from getting done and feel the thrill of doing it.

* Be free from the trapping of constant updates and restarts to apply them, the licence noose for everything you install

* Star Office and even IBM Lotus Office suite just is better than MS Office for nearly everything that I would imagine doing for my works

* Remote desktop and VMWare with its config to run better on linux is just too cool if you need that other “OS”

What still sucks:

* Outlook is just far too completely integrated in office environments, Evolution is trying hard to catch up.. just not there right now. But I am willing to struggle with it

* Dev that is tightly windows bound. Unfortunately even now some corporate apps are just too tightly windows bound so run up the remote desktop

* Worst is still the glitches that haunt you to redo configs, or readjust a bit here n there… predictability/ stability is still not 100% there. lil nagging issues: keep a VM ware window open connected to an external USB HDD and let the laptop go into hibernation, when you come back its all packed up. Few times will throw a garbled screen that flashes and your VMWare screen will need to be restarted..

* Seems to run up more of the CPU, heating a wee bit more than I have seen in Windows, not too sure if its initial feel.


Time to hack into VisualAge

* Product hacking has to begin and go deep real quick..

* work onĀ  old works/ frameworks I have done in the past and bring them to usable levels pretty quick before they gather too much dust.

Why is there so little interest on moving smalltalk stuff onto rules engine/workflow that is framework driven than custom designed..?

Rather need to contribute my little bit to some smalltalk open source fun, I am sure it is worth if everyone puts his/her code out for common use a la Ruby style..

Try the GNU Smalltalk and move as much of these works into it.. I guess that maybe better showcasing its utility than putting in only for commercial smalltalk releases.