Ubuntu Karmic Kaola: Bliss and frustrations….

March 8, 2010

Ubuntu well I am only adding to the millions already voicing their overwhelming approval of the Linux on the desktop OS.

It is simply wonderful what a bunch of committed engineers can do driven by a shared vision ( is it Mark Shuttleworth’s..?).

This is a viewpoint of a seasoned 20 yr+ user of Windows OS, to claim now there is the trudge inching to a complete move over to the Ubuntu desktop and enjoying every bit of it. I do not see the need to list the reasons and features that I moonlight with but to focus of the note:

Bliss in the corporate world:

* Fits in well enough to fairly tightly integrated Windows Corporate unit, interacting with practically anything you may want  supported through the OpenOffice, Evolution, Grdesktop, Samba LAN connections, what have you for the dev world if you do indulge in Java, Ruby, Python, or anything not enmeshed in the Win world

* Ubuntu UNR is pleasant a change from the windows notion Start Up Menu

* Apt-get install is great ease, lot better than /configure; make ; worry…; make install and not see it work and iterate till it works


* Evolution is simply not yet there even with the OpenChange MAPI plugin. Just too much of an yawning gap in many instances viz calendar invites, forward mails etc.. that can be tough unless you are a confirmed anti MS entity… Outlook just is not looking like getting away from a corporate world unless something serious is done about the basic dependability for mailing/PIM stuff on Evolution

* OpenOffice claims near total interoperability with MS Office. Well not really, at levels you need to be precisely compatible there is still the gap and once you have used Office enough you will miss the ease and precision of various stuff you do there..  but then its a lot more workable. Perhaps if we move 25% or more of the corporate unit to use OpenOffice and slowly make it the baseline MSOffice can fade out

* Windows Programs on Wine.. It is still a boastful claim of sorts for serious apps, I am not talking of ACAD, Outlook , Paintshop etc.. but any other that is regularly churned out of most IT co’s. Long way off the mark, but a great serious effort to provide atleast a reasonable platform for the seriously interested to cobble his way through to something acceptable personally but not enough to roll out corp wide

* I do want to use CAD even a basic ACAD LT kind of tool that prints/ exports to PDF etc.. ( preferred free.. or minimal costs for personal use). Not really an option if we discount still in the making BricsCAD. Many other programs we do take for granted on the windows world.. from the sharewares to freewares we can depend on to get out job done..are still missing for Linux currently

* Grdesktop, i have yet to figure out complete copy-paste compatability etc.. VMWare need to fix the on dirty write glitch .. some of the corporate stuff we do need to have a complete glitch free handle on.

I am still marching, hopefully I will take this next 6 months before I decide to revert to MS Windows atleast partially if I get these usefully sorted out.