Pharo News..

April 29, 2010

Playing with Pharo and waiting for its 1.1 release. Its great to see a free version of Smalltalk at last measuring up to the needs of using it in an business sense and showing it to non-Smalltalker’s and the “IT managers” and not put them off. I am sure this is going to make it difficult for VA and Cincom to create new small-medium shop sales going forward especially with Seaside, Magritte and raft of other frameworks actually being born in Squeak. There obviously is the crying need for better-faster VM, DBMS connectivity natively, Web Services. But if that all does come in, I doubt if there is any space left for commercial Smalltalk but for maintenance of existing customers…!

I am wondering if a Pharo-Groovy bridge and / or Pharo-Ruby bridge would be a good case to make. Solve the issue of interoperability and extensions usage. Invest in a very efficient connector development and you will have all the interfaces for free though to be developed in the Java/Groovy or Ruby. But that is lot more leverage than to natively support 200,000 or more interfaces to stuff we dont even know about..

Would continue to play and check. The new website is also a great start to the advertisement of resurgence in Smalltalk interest. Should stoke the possibility of doing an Indian grouping up for Smalltalk specially look at Pharo. IIIT I believe is using Squeak and am sure have Pharo too being checked out. Need to link up the Indian Smalltalkers now rather than any later..