Refining Markup Builder

Minor success through the last weekend, managed to hook up the markup builder ( HtmlBuilder to be precise) to Seaside: hook action/value callback to the tags and be able to use pure markup or hybrid markup-seaside WA**Tags objects as you wish..

Works like a charm for the Table pagination and hooking the calls to all the page number fetches.. Need to keep refactoring the framework to keep it lean, tight, flexible/extensible, will look through this weekend and commit end of week once.. Have yet to get the JSON/ Ini others completed.. So beyond completing/ incrementing the framework:

* Plugin framework needs a deeper review to keep it lean and clean; can see some pains in use of DNU.. registerPlugin:.. etc..

* Unit Testing needs to test the framework roots better and help in aggressive refactoring

* Review the components framework and its internals to give it flexibility to use PropertyBeans as well as normal construct viz: create a table paginated from a collection of make it play better with DBs later.. but keep watch over time/space complexity while keeping the code clarity intact.

XML is streamed as a markup, I realized even the attributes should behave the same; make the entire API work the same way..

(XMLBuilder new attributesMap
type: ‘submit’;
value: ‘submit’; parent) input: ‘testing’.
( or can also do: HtmlBuilder new attributesMap key: ‘type’ value: ‘submit’ ; )

yields: <input type=”submit”  value=”submit” >testing</input> .. have not as yet removed the attributes: collOfAttribs message ; seems useful for now to retain it as an alternative..

For the component framework of Html thinking of extending it soon for Forms to make it a viable RAD tool for basic apps..; hook csv / DB table reading and presentation automatically with the HtmlBuilderTableTag with its pagination..

Can do lots in this framework and potentially lean one with just one/few objects created to dump a complex XML/Html. Profiling for time/space should yield significant advantage over Seaside type of rendering.

Also thinking if I can integrate my earlier pieces of work: Lean workflow rules engine ; XSD based XML exports; SimpleWeb with complete construct for RAD web app.. with this framework..

TestHtmlBuilder Screen Render


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