MarkupBuilder Alpha: 2.0

I guess the markup builder should now be ready for consumption by others if they wish. Stable and corrected for what I would mark as the major set of internal framework refactorings:

* indenting: clean from grounds up through a single method call that also controls dumping the string without indents if you so wish..

* HtmlBuilderTableWidget: component that should now have sufficient basic capability to play with.. including reading csv files/ PropertiesBean/ plain collections and all marshalled internally as PropertiesBean.. easier now for further extension to use it in Forms etc..

* More exact matching tests and confirmation of XHTML conformance for all tags emitted

Still there are I believe some more minor stuff to iron out to make it perfect as in 100% perfect compliance in every minutae I can pick on..hopefully target it through the nights every week to complete by weekend.

For now I will link it up here and post a copy on squeaksource/PharoGoodies too.. but need to control the versions I dump..


Working on this bug:

Needs a small patch on WACallback>>evaluateWithAllFields:

evaluateWithFieldValues: anOrderedCollection

self evaluateWithArgument: (self valueForField: ((anOrderedCollection select: [ :ea | ea notNil]) at: 1 ifAbsent: [ nil ]))

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