Pharo XMLRPC kick start

Pharo / Squeak XMLRPC Project

Ok, I did have the push / or the shove coming in for the use of Pharo XMLRPC code with a colleague Vibhu M. putting in the effort to try out the old existing code, getting the tests to run on the first cut.

I have modified the XMLRPCTest and XMLRPCServerEchoTest to complete the loop.

Two issues that are from Komanche Server package:

BlockClosure >> processHttp

uses fixTemps message that is deprecated in Pharo, causes the server to freeze. Either run the server in a fork / or remove the call to fixTemps or override fixTemps to doNothing rather than the modal warning dialog.

This one I need nail it down, comes from some basic package one off: from:to: .. has the trailing colon missing.. probably in KomServices package, which I override by loading KomHttpServer later, This also helps in having HttpService available in order.


* KomService

* KomHttpServer

* XMLParser

* DynamicBindings

all in this order works fine.. guess should have it in ConfigurationOfXMLRPCClientServer created to have dependencies marked.

Action items are:

* make it work in a performant manner against Groovy with a seaside front end picking values through Groovy to various DBMS using JDBC DB2/ Oracle/ SQLServer and others..

* Make it complete with respect to prereq/ dependency loading, all corrections as reqd even for fixTemp etc..

Per se it is ready to roll out for my enterprisy stuff.. all trials/ POCs can role out with this to the extent required.

* convert to VisualAge..? or is it already available there..?

* compare performance time against direct DB connection for RPC fetches localhost

* compress the server sends to achieve some performance improvements with both client/ server fixes to do compress/decompress.

Thanks to Vibhu to get it going.. I was prevaricating on getting on this for a while now..

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