Debugger point in Pharo Code

I have been meaning to post this with a little updated code but I its better to go with what I have and see if anyone else can help get it in shape, than wait for my spare time that never comes..!

The need to stop in a particular method is served by using self halt. but that is a little kludgy going and putting in this stmt through the code sections and cleaning it up. The standard debugger capability as in VW or VA with breakpoints is what is needed.

To be able to get started in a simple manner, i just hacked into the OBCommand hierarchy and put in this two cmds that help me insert a self halt. and remove it.. at the top of the method. but it is not good beyond a point..

* It creates history of method changes each time you put in the self halt and remove it.. I could not figure out an easy way to switch off the method changes log for such changes

* It is not currently supporting the right click insertion at the cursor point.. and removal by again the cursor point near/ before or after the self halt.

* Better still just simply a debugger point with capabilities of VA/ VW.

But for what it is worth I put this piece of code for anyone to tinker further with..

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