Smalltalk India Meet

October 31, 2010

Quick twitter post on this one. Expected in the range of 16-20 participants outside but ended up with about 11.. Considering I meet the 5 on a normal working day.. it was a tad disappointing. But the up side was meeting few I believe will matter longer term, if we synergize.

Had a quick take on the agenda list of presentation, a long one hour open house discussion with surprisingly one tech journalist with interest in Smalltalk : Prashant, a EToys researcher: Subramaniam and long standing Egroup member Sanjay Mini..and a neat presentation from a Scheme/ Erlang enthusiast Vijay Mathews

Presentation covered  Seaside by Pradeep, Intro to Pharo/ Markup Builder by Kaarthiga , Etoys : Subbu and Scheme  by Vijay..

are the list of presentations currently available..