Smalltalk India Meet

Quick twitter post on this one. Expected in the range of 16-20 participants outside but ended up with about 11.. Considering I meet the 5 on a normal working day.. it was a tad disappointing. But the up side was meeting few I believe will matter longer term, if we synergize.

Had a quick take on the agenda list of presentation, a long one hour open house discussion with surprisingly one tech journalist with interest in Smalltalk : Prashant, a EToys researcher: Subramaniam and long standing Egroup member Sanjay Mini..and a neat presentation from a Scheme/ Erlang enthusiast Vijay Mathews

Presentation covered  Seaside by Pradeep, Intro to Pharo/ Markup Builder by Kaarthiga , Etoys : Subbu and Scheme  by Vijay..

are the list of presentations currently available..

One Response to Smalltalk India Meet

  1. Aditya Dutt says:

    Hi Krish,

    Thanks for sharing the meeting notes.
    Nice to hear about the meet.

    I am regular follower Smalltalk India emails.
    Thanks for organizing great events.

    If possible, could you please share the calendar for events? So that, guys like me who are working in different countries can also plan to participate in such events, when they visit India on their vacation.


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