Smalltalk lectures and cd materials

November 15, 2010

Good to have run through a lec on Smalltalk/ Dynamic languages in general at VIT chennai 40 odd college grads.

Should do it on a regular basis and I guess for 2 hours with a short break. Go through the entire details and enable them to get started right after productively if they so wish.

Coming back, I though it would be great to have two versions or probably more of the smalltalk cd I would want to hand out:

1. Cd containing scratch ( elements, BYOB , Panther too ) , Etoys, plopp , Dr Geo, Magic Words, all that can be used by kids right from age of 4-5 … Onwards to play n develop with. Videos for Etoys , scratch and others with other projects of interest…

2. Pharo n squeak cd with seaside bundled env , groovy with all its package, XMLrpc enabled system, all books relevant, videos to get going with. If I can have this as a DVD inside a live Linux or as installable portable apps even better… Or a VM …

These are a must to get it spread wider to the entire sub continent…

Book on smalltalk covering these would not be out of place now..

Get going… Sooner rather than later..