Innovation: The 3 W’s

Innovation is defined and qualified many times over in every form, but to get a simple prescription is impossible. So here goes my moment of epiphany, early morning of one way to look at it from a distance, I have yet to bridge

What, When, Who:

Push in all the effort of thinking, activity, passion on the above..

*   What is the product to create and sell. What is the quality, precision, capabilities , support infrastructure ( the works) around the product vision that ranges from the macro to the micro details.

*   When to launch: Timing is of essence.. and to figure out When and to Whom to launch to as a target should be crystal clear..

*    Who are your people to do the works… Choose carefully and perfectly the right blend of people to work out the details and get the product out the door..

Let the people figure out the exact how ? Get the right people and enable them, provide the complete environment. I mean to go into micro level details of what tech, what platform, is to be left to the actual doers.. give them an enabling environment.

Have been giving a deep thought on this for a long time and it just kind of dawned that it is important to get away from the details of How, to innovate and succeed. Pick the right people and let them define that.. Or.. if you want to be the one involved in the How, find someone else who can be the the driving force of the vision.. To combine the two is really tough if not impossible.

To define the What precisely to the last detail and follow through is itself a huge task, figuring out the How is always going to muddy that vision and goal.

There is lot more to innovation that worries the feeble mind ranging from the fears, lack of right opportunity, capital etc.. but I guess neither is it meant for the feeble mind..

Just do it..!

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