Pharo Morphic View Framework

Nice progress made finally grinding through a whole saturday on this.. hope it should progress to a complete usable framework over the month ahead, with hopefully much of bugs/ issues ironed out. Will post the updated package tomorrow..

Highlights are:

* Clean up of earlier methods to have better layout handling and opening the View

* ValueWrapper to give the ability to call #value: and #value for morphs identified and can be incremented to cover all known morphs therein. Single MorphicViewValueWrapper class to encase this functionality for now..

* Neater example of ComposedViews of most morphs of use..  replicated UITheme>>exampleBasicControls

* SimpleViewImplicitSpec example shows how to construct the view with just setter methods..

Need to plan for:

* Systematic build chain to work with , commit and test weekly progress on this.

* Better and comprehensive Test Suite ( copy from Sam Schuster’s run with Pollock )

* Make the framework rock stable in what it does for now..

* Provide for a template View Class generator to begin with and then

* Progress to come up with a clean View Builder.. that will be hard work ahead.. to get it to usably complete status

* Bring in the the fun of using morphic into the framework.. not the staid repetition of other paradigms

The first 50% of the way is always the fastest and the crawl starts right after. Discovering more n more nuances of the morphic system now.. viz:

* LayoutFrame and nuances of bounds, fullBounds, extent

* hResizing/ vResizing with #shrinkWrap vs others..

* openInWorld for SystemWindow forces a bounds..!..

* Theme as chosen from Settings>>Appearance>>Morphic>> say Watery2.. effects all UI, but we need an invalidation after opening it with World addMorph: aWindowOrMorph..

* Pluggable**Morph all of them do not have defaultBounds and Text** needs defaultExtent also..

* Pecking through TableLayout for all morphs with row/ column layouts.. to ensure a perfect WYGIWYWant..

* plugging in a ValueWrapper is lot more work.. but should be nice and extensible herein after..


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