Pharo 2.0 Morphic View and TabbedPane IDE

Its been  a year since I have talked of this..

With Pharo 2.0 in imminent release status, I think its best to refactor the packages and make them available for all to try and use.

Just load two packages from :

* PharoMorphicView-Core

* PharoMorphicView-TabbedPane

On a workspace execute:

  PharoTabbedPaneIDE reinitializeAndOpen

For Pharo Morphic View: Ref

Also the PharoMorphicView-Core-Examples and Tests package to see all variations of the MorphicView framework.


Pharo TabbedPane IDE

Pharo TabbedPane IDE

Pharo Morphic View Example

Pharo Morphic View Example

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