Simple Kubernetes Playground

Cloud journey on a developers laptop / system needs to begin with a simplified kube cluster on a virtualbox VM. It can set the baseline for all of the decomposition and configuration across kubernetes, use of kubectl, terraform, pods creation, docker containers. Also the use of segregated clusters, namespaces and mix of VMs and containers … Continue reading Simple Kubernetes Playground

Fractional Investment Services

Proposal for fintech technology platform for enterprises to obtain capital funding through crowd sourcing from serious retail investors The new way of sourcing capital from a crowd sourced approach to fund small - medium size projects of values ranging 250,000 USD and probable range extending to 5 - 10 million USD. The intent is to … Continue reading Fractional Investment Services

Leasing Platform Transformation 2022 and ahead

Leasing volumes worldwide have zoomed from ~100 billion USD in early 1980s to now above one trillion USD. Software revenues for asset leasing workflows is growing from about 1 billion USD in 2020 to around 2 billion USD in 2025+. Region-wise, North America followed by Europe and Asia. As at the end of 2014, Australia, … Continue reading Leasing Platform Transformation 2022 and ahead

The Technology Transformation Plans

The long list of technology changes can be a large challenge for any organization. Like NFT, Stablecoin/CBDC, there are pressing new technology evolution happening at a pace more than we all can keep up with even in the software industry. Slow government policies are being accelerated to adapt to the changing times. The NFT and … Continue reading The Technology Transformation Plans

Economic Growth Driven by Technological Innovation : 2021 – 2030

The decade ahead is going to be an explosion of technology growth, a perfect storm of capabilities coming together to create synergy at scale. There is no stopping the growth of more and more efficient chips, AI/ML algorithms and its use, platform / cloud enabled services, tech across all branches of science and their applications. … Continue reading Economic Growth Driven by Technological Innovation : 2021 – 2030

Simplify Adoption of AI-ML

Extrapolation (prediction?) of expected output value(s) given a trend of large enough input values to the output value(s). In the past few years, it is hard to ignore the drumbeat of AI-ML. Conjures up images of the best of computing automation, complex mathematics, statistics to make all kinds of machines, industries super "intelligent". Programming with … Continue reading Simplify Adoption of AI-ML

Researching Clinical Trial Systems

Covid-19 is spreading lot more contagiously across India in its second wave. The vaccines are yet to cover the critical mass. The moot point will also be how effective are these vaccines. The typical period to validate and clinically test the efficacy of vaccines are ~7 - 10 years. For Covid vaccines they have been … Continue reading Researching Clinical Trial Systems